Website Development & Online Marketing

Professional Deliberate & Distinctive. Just a few words we use to describe our clients websites. With a website from Prodigy Design & Development you will be able to stand out from your competition and attract more customers.

Mobile friendly: Compatible across devices allowing possible customers to always be able to see your website.

Any Navigation Type: We can add dropdown, horizontal and/or vertical navigation to your site whichever you think is best for your website.

Multimedia: We can include slideshows, videos, audio, images and/or animations to your site to help grab your potential clients attention.

Traffic Tracking: We can connect your website to a traffic tracking system so you are able to monitor your visitor traffic and know when people are on your website.

Hosting & Domain: We are able to give you any domain name of your choice and connect your site to a lightning fast hosting provider so that your clients are able to get the results they want at the speed they want.